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Toyota Systems' Challenges and Approaches

Create a safe and secure society for people through development and activities to prepare for disasters and accidents
We conduct development while giving due consideration to safety.
We also conduct evacuation drills, life-saving drills, and disaster stockpiling.

Promote our contribution to society and economy by providing equal education and vocational training opportunities to everyone
We have provided a variety of educational support to local students of elementary school/junior high school and persons with disabilities.

Eliminate gender disparity and create a work environment where jobs are secured and are properly rewarding
We have encouraged employees to take leave for childcare and nursing care.
We also employ persons with disabilities and implement training program for supporter.

Major Initiatives

Educational support

Educational support

We hold PC lesson classes at work support facilities for persons with disabilities so that every person may fulfil his/her ability in society.
In order to enable participants to learn the PCs skills required to work, experienced system engineers educate lessons including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint VBA during the transitional support period.
Lessons are made once a week at work support facilities for persons with disabilities, or are performed online, and the curriculum is set at a level and period according to each individual's situation.
As a result of such lessons, there are a plurality of cases in which participants successfully found jobs where job assignments are data entry operations. These are challenging efforts as an IT company which greatly contributes to society.
Going forward, we will not only improve PC skills, but will also try to challenge initiatives that offer people a sense of interest and enjoyment in IT.

  • High quality education to everyone
  • With job satisfaction and economic growth
  • To eliminate inequality in people and countries
Prevention of Workers' Compensation and Traffic Accidents

Prevention of Workers' Compensation and Traffic Accidents

As part of efforts to create a safe and secure society, all people hold monthly health and safety meetings.
Sharing theme content and exchanging opinions on near-miss and other topics helps to raise awareness of health and safety issues. In addition, safe driving courses are provided to improve driving skills by reconfirming driving habits and dangerous behavior using images from drive recorders.
Commercial vehicles are equipped with a drive recorder that detects dangerous behavior such as sudden braking and steering wheels and provides immediate feedback to the driver. We also have a driving report function that analyzes drivers' driving skills, which is also useful for daily self-checks.
This is precisely because we are a company involved in automobiles, we aim to achieve zero traffic accidents and create a safe and secure society.

  • To all people  with health and welfare
  • To provide peace and fairness for all people

Other Initiatives

Toyota Systems Corporate's Initiatives to Sustainability



We are working on global environmental issues as a member of producers.



We aim the management with a high level of transparency as a sound company.

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