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President's greeting

Representative message

Hiroaki Kitazawa

We contribute to the realization of a
sustainable society for a better future.

We now face a variety of challenges, including poverty, environmental issues, mental health and physical health, and respect for human rights and diversity.
Movement toward a sustainable society are accelerating in order to link a beautiful, green planet to a safe and secure society without battle to the future.
SDGs adopted by the United Nations and the Paris Agreement aimed at a carbon-free society are the typical examples. This is an era in which not only central government and local government, but also corporate value is being questioned.
To date, Toyota Systems Corporation has been engaged in activities such as reusing PCs and providing educational support to persons with disabilities and child welfare facilities.
Going forward, we will work to strengthen ESG management and further promote diversity, health management, and work style reforms so that employees can be proud and rewarded.
Based on our "Challenge to More" philosophy, we promise to create a better future and deliver smiles and satisfaction to all stakeholders by further integrating sustainability and business.

Hiroaki Kitazawa, President

Strategy and Approach

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