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Business Activities

Toward a comfortable future realizing urban society for cars and mobility through IT.

We provide optimal IT solutions with the customer’s perspective and outstanding technical capabilities.

FUTUREThe Next Future is a Connected Future

Cars are beginning to evolve from a means of transportation to a part of our lives.
What we will realize is an unprecedented future.

Car Creation

Improve productivity and competitiveness

More than 5 million people are involved in making 10 million cars annually. Shipment value is worth 60 trillion yen, accounting for 20% of the total manufacturing industry. We support with IT the development and production of automobiles, which play a leading role in the Japanese economy.


Optimizing mobility with IT

“Mobility as a Service”. Traffic is optimized by IT seamlessly connected to various types of transportation. We support the development and provision of all services related to transport of mobility companies with IT technology.


Revolution in the concept of cars

“Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric”. Supporting the future of mobility using IT technology, with the key ideas of developing new contacts and solving social issues.

Community Development

Realization of a connected city

“Woven City” connects cars and towns, and connects society as a whole. Through the cycles of technology and service development, demonstration, etc., IT technology supports new value and business creation.

SOLUTIONToyota Systems’ Solution Strategy

Co-creation from the planning stage

Co-creation from the planning stage

Research management issues locally and formulate policies and plans together with customers. Working together from the beginning.

The most polished optimal proposals

The most polished optimal proposals

Using our experience and know-how, we propose optimal IT solutions from the customer’s point of view to handle requests and solve problems.

Tremendous productivity, best technical capabilities

Tremendous productivity, best technical capabilities

We concentrate high technology inside and outside the company to provide safe, secure, and cost effective solutions.

Always striving for something better

Always striving for something better

Through daily activities and communication, we provide total support to handle our customers' requests and solve their problems.

BUSINESS Toyota Systems’ Businesses Activities for Supporting IT Solutions

New Business Development Group

R&D of advanced technology as an “IT think tank” working on technical proposals and improving technical capabilities.

Engineering Field

Support Toyota’s car manufacturing with the best IT services and technology to build the future of manufacturing.

Corporate and Finance Field

Integrate with Toyota’s Corporate and Finance Field to achieve business innovation through IT.

Infrastructure Business Group

Support business by optimally introducing the latest IT technology.