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Toyota Systems Corporate's Challenges and Approaches

Reduce waste through reduction, reuse, and recycling
We are implementing activities to revitalize and donate PCs, which are the most familiar to us as an IT company.

Reduce marine pollution and restore water-related ecosystems.
We are conducting activities to clean the local ocean.

Strengthen resilience and adaptation capacity to climate-related and natural disasters.
We are periodically conducting evacuation drills and life-saving drills in preparation for the potential Tokai Region Earthquake.
Further, we are conducting educational activities, such as distributing disaster prevention goods.

Major Initiatives

Reused PCs

Reused PCs

In order to reduce the environmental impact of promoting the reduction and recycling of industrial waste, we are conducting programs to reuse and donate PCs.
The characteristic of this activity is that we have made efforts to link the environment and welfare by outsourcing the installation and cleaning of OS to welfare facilities for persons with disabilities for PCs that have been used by companies and have not failed yet. Reclaimed PCs are donated to facilities for persons with disabilities in Aichi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, and other prefectures, and are used by facility staff and facility users.
For the recipients of the donations as well, the IT equipment will be well-equipped, which will also contribute to work style reforms and employment support, and have been very well received. Further, we received letters of appreciation from Nagoya City and Fukushima Prefecture. In the future, we intend to further expand the scope of our activities by, for example, engaging in collaboration with our group companies.

  • With job satisfaction and economic growth
  • Create a foundation for industry and technological innovation
  • Responsibilities for making and responsibilities for using
Clean-up activities

Clean-up activities

To protect the ocean, which is said to be the origin of all life, we have been conducting beach clean-up activities twice a year with our employees and their families, local residents, and people of facility for persons with disabilities.
The number of participants increases with each event, and the event has been well received by participants, such as "a good opportunity for children to cultivate a volunteer spirit." Working with persons with disabilities helps to deepen their understanding of social welfare.
The oceans, which are assumed to account for about 70% of the earth, are contaminated by garbage and wastewater produced by us, and marine life and living things around it are said to be at risk of extinction.
Through beach clean-up, we understand the harsh reality that our precious ocean is under threat, and we will think and act on what companies and each of us can do for the future.

  • High quality education to everyone
  • With safe water and toilets around the world
  • Responsibilities for making and responsibilities for using
  • Protecting the Rich Seas

Other Initiatives

Toyota Systems Corporate's Initiatives to Sustainability



We contribute to the creation of a society in which we respect each other without disparities.



We aim the management with a high level of transparency as a sound company.

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